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Brian Kay


Trombone and Brass Resources for Band Directors and Private Teachers

Private teachers and Band Directors are truly interdependent. Strong school music programs are the wellspring that feeds musical life for everyone. This page of resources and information is an effort to help nourish that source, and to open a dialogue. If you are an area band director (Metrowest Boston), please let me know if there is any way I can assist you in building your program.

Handouts (.pdf format). Feel free to reproduce and use with your students.

Special Subject Handouts
Rhythm Worksheets (For all instruments)
Position/Fingering Charts - Not Just Another Chart!

The arrangement of these charts is less commonly seen but very useful. Its in a simple grid with all the notes in a given position or fingering in the same column. The higher the note, the higher it is on the column. There are seven columns, one for every position or valve combination. You can clearly see how the notes go down by half step as you read from left to right. In essence, the chart is organized like the instrument.

Trombone Flashcards (For learning note names and positions)