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Adult Avocational Player Page

imageThis page is dedicated to adult trombonists who wish to deepen their enjoyment of and involvement with music.

The root of the word "amateur" refers to "one who loves to do". In that sense, every great player should be an "amateur". Alternatively, I sometimes like to use the term, avocational, "one who engages in an activity, usually for enjoyment, in addition to one's regular work or profession; hobby", as a way to emphasize that amateur players don't always have to sound "amateurish". A successful amateur player has a positive, can-do attitude, while keeping their ambitions and limitations in perspective. Perhaps a healthier attitude than many professionals!

I have worked with a number of amateur/avocational players over the years, and always consider it a privilege to be able to give counsel, encouragement, and guidance to those who are interested in strengthening their musical skills and appreciation. Some have even gone on to become semi-professional players. This page is designed to be a resource for the Boston area avocational trombonist.

For those just getting back into music, the Sudbury Valley New Horizons Band is a great resource. Check out their FAQs page for some great tips on the logistics and psychology of starting or returning to an instrument as an adult.

If you know of a group, individual, or information that should be featured on this page, please let me know.

Performing Groups in the Boston Area Open to Amateur Trombonists

Additionally, many towns have summer bands. These are informal groups, particularly good for high school players, and older players who have just picked up the instrument after years of not playing.

Performing groups need trombonists as regular members, as substitutes when a regular cannot attend a rehearsal or performance, or as extra players for a big piece. Contact the group's personnel manager or conductor to find their needs and their schedule, and to put your name on the player list. Often, a performing group will start out their season in the fall with auditions or an open rehearsal (open to all players).

About My Teaching

Please click here for information about my teaching of adult avocational players.

Many thanks to Steve Ruzich, Jim Battell, and Steve McGovern for help with the content of this page!


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