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Brian Kay


Hall of Fame Honor Roll!

Students of Brian Kay who participated in honors ensembles during their study. Congratulations (again!)

If I left you off this list, or you’d like to update your listing, please contact me!


Ayoub, Mark
Jr. MYWE, Sr. Jazz District

Bernard, Ben
Sr. District, All-State
Yale University

Bernfeld, Dan
Sr. District, All-State Recommendation
Berklee School

Bondi, Mike
Sr. District, All-State

Burns, Chris
Sr. District, All-State
Oberlin, MM Trombone Performance, Rice University

DiPietro, Maria
Sr. District (3)
U. Mass, Amherst, Music Education

Doyle, Chris
Sr. District, All-State
Olin College, Web Entrepreneur

Filgate, Josh
Sr. Jazz District
Northeastern University, Music Scholarship for non majors winner

Freedman, Rachel
NEC Youth Symphony
Lawrence Conservatory, Bass Trombone Performance Major
Simmons College, MS Behavior Analysis, Ph.D. Candidate
Supervisor, RCS Behavioral and Educational Consulting

Genova, Greg
Jr. District, continued studies

Genovese, Alessia
Sr. District, NEC Youth Symphony

Giorgio, Katie
Sr. District, All-State, NEC Youth Philharmonic

Graycar, Paul
Jr. District, Jr. MYWE

Kalish, David
Jr. District, NEC Chamber Music
Northeastern University

Kone, Allison
Sr. District, NEC Youth Symphony

Langto, J.P.

LaMont, Evan
Sr. District, All-State Recommendation
Dartmouth College

Ober, Jennifer
Jr. District, Sr. District, All-State

Pettis, Jon
Sr. District, All-State, All-Eastern

Platt, Greg
Jr. District, Sr. District, All-State, All-Eastern, NEC Scholarship Brass
U. Connecticut

Allen, Tom
Jr. District

Pratt, Henry
Sr. District, All-State, NEC Youth Symphony

Roth, Ben
Jr. District
Univ. New Hampshire

Seiden, Stan
Jr. District, Sr. District
Yale University

Silvestri, Michael
Jr. District, Sr. District, All-State, All-Eastern
Harvard University

Smith, Cybelle
Jr. District, Sr. District, All-State, MYWE
Stanford University

Velluto, Nathan
Sr. District
U. Mass, Amherst

Wan, Matt
NEC Youth Symphony
Boston Conservatory

Wilson, Monica
NEC Youth Philharmonic

Wyman, Dan
Jr. District, Sr. District, All-State, NEC Youth Symphony, MYWE
Ithaca College, Suffolk University Law School

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