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Brian Kay


Intermediate Trombone Method, Volume 2, Moderated Range Edition

by Brian Kay

intermediate trombone method book - trombone sheet music

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Motivate and inspire your private lesson students with a balanced diet of musical challenges.

In a world short on attention, progressing trombone students need a method book that is focused, concise, enjoyable, and challenging.  I wrote this book to meet that need.  It presents a carefully curated sequence of material.  Concepts are introduced progressively, developed, and reviewed regularly.  The repertoire in this book creates a series of teachable moments that you can engage with in lessons, as you help your students improve their technique, range, endurance, reading ability, and musical sophistication.

Volume 2 is available for trombone only, and picks up where Volume 1 leaves off. Before Starting Volume 2, a trombone student should:

The Moderated Range Edition has a slight trimming of high range demands as compared to the regular edition. It is suitable for a player with strong technique, but limited range-building potential, due to a young age, orthodontics, or other reasons. Both range and tessitura have been considered in adjusting the range. Select passages are transposed down an octave, and some items are transposed down a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th. This edition still builds range around high F and G, but not as aggressively as the standard edition.

In Volume 2, Moderated Range Edition, a trombone student will:

After completing Volume 2, Moderated Range Edition, a trombonist will be prepared to audition for high school regional honors ensembles. A trombonist might continue to the Intermediate Trombone Method, Volume 2 (standard edition), or they could begin work in collegiate level material, to continue building their range.

Trombone Volume 2 Moderated Range Edition Sample

Praise for Brian Kay's Intermediate Methods

"Congratulations on putting together such a bright, clean, positive collection of music and ideas for this level of player."

Norman Bolter
Trombonist Boston Symphony Orchestra and Principal Trombone of the Boston Pops 1975-2007 (retired), Professor at New England Conservatory and Boston Conservatory at Berklee

"A terrific resource for younger players.  It progresses logically through keys and rhythms allowing players early success on the instrument."

Larry Isaacson
Trombone Professor and Brass Instructor, Boston Conservatory Former member, San Francisco Symphony and Empire Brass Quintet

"I like this book. This book is good!"

Kenny L.
Seventh Grade Student