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Brian Kay


Opportunities in Boston for Young Musicians

Students who do well in private lessons often move ahead of their peers and need a more challenging atmosphere in order to thrive. There are several excellent opportunities as detailed below. This being said, I feel it is very important to stay in the school music program as well. Even if you are one of the strongest players, you can still learn a lot from playing in the school band and receiving the support of your teachers and peers. Support music in our schools with your presence. Brass players also benefit from frequent playing to keep the lips strong and learn leadership skills from remaining in the band.



New England Conservatory of Music, Preparatory Division
(617) 585-1130

Offers excellent wind ensemble programs including:

1) Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble (MYWE) for grades 10 - 12, and Jr. MYWE for grades 7 - 9. Rehearses late Friday afternoons. Both are excellent groups.

2) Brass Ensembles. Students audition at the start of the school year to be placed in compatable groups. Playing in a brass ensemble is a great morale builder, and students learn chamber music skills such as intonation, ensemble blend, and phrasing. In the small group situation, each player gets lots of feedback from the instructor and other students.

3) Orchestras include the NEC Youth Philharmonic, Symphony, and Repertory Orchestras. Brass players in an orchestra play less, and count a lot of rests, but the parts you do play are fantastic. In the orchestra, brass parts are generally not doubled, so each player has a unique and important part. The orchestras tend to attract the most advanced and experienced players, and it is more competitive to earn a spot. For the top two orchestras, trombonists should know tenor and alto clefs, and trumpeters should read C trumpet, and other transposed parts.

The benefits in taking part are immense and many students thrive here as they are surrounded by talented and enthousiastic peers and instructors. The financial and time commitments are substantial, but I strongly recommend that any of my students who are doing well in lessons call for a brochure. Auditions for large ensembles are held in the Spring, with additional auditions in the fall for any spots left unfilled.

Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra (617) 353-3348

Rivers Music School

Has good classes and programs including:

Clafflin Hill Youth Symphony

Camp Jobey has good summer sessions, and now evening sessions in the school year.

Junior and Senior District Festivals and All-State

For dates and audition information:

Summer Music Camps

Summer music camps are the ideal way to deepen your involvement in music. Below is information on a variety of camps I would recommend. They include day programs, two-week camps, and longer camps. Many find that after a summer at music camp, they have improved a whole year's worth, besides having a great time and making great friends!

Music Scholarships