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Brian Kay


Concerts Featuring Brass Instruments

Here are some places to look for concerts featuring brass instruments. Of course the truly advanced brass player appreciates fine music of any instrument. Nevertheless, hot blooded young players want to hear lots of brass. Here are some good leads.

Concerts with Brian Kay
From the Top Radio Show
Orchestra Concerts

Although many people think of classical orchestra music as calm music of strings, many of the Symphonies from the "Romantic" era and afterward feature powerful brass music. Composerts to look for include: Berlioz, Bruckner, Hindemith, Mahler, Rimsky-Korsakov, Shostakovitch, Sibelius, Richard Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Vaughan-Williams, Wagner.

Band Concerts
Conservatory Student and Faculty Recitals

Hear the brass stars of tomorrow at the area's excellent conservatories and Unversities. Look for graduate and undergraduate solo recitals on your instrument, as well as ensemble, group, and orchestra concerts.